How to Survive The Summer

The summer months can be stressful for our indoor friends. Will all your members leave for greener fairways? Will they come back in the fall? What can you do to keep some buzz during the summer?

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Those Summer Nights

We love our indoor golf family, and want to see you around for a long time. As much as we all long for those warm summer days, the idea of making it through till next fall can be a wee bit stressful. We get it, when there is snow outside and the tee sheet is full, we know it might be hard to think about summer. But when the snow starts to melt and everyone (especially golfers) gets spring fever and heads outside, we want to make sure you’re ready with a solid plan for how to survive those summer months. To help out, we put together a list of a few ideas for how to keep your club buzzing during the summer.

Go Public

For those of you who are membership-only, the idea of allowing public play might be slightly less appealing than a root canal. But hear us out. Even the most die hard, outdoor golfer is up for an hour or two of indoor golf with the buddies—especially if the sun is already down. So what you need to figure out is how to allow public play at your club without having to completely re-tool your business. Luckily, we can help with that.

With Registry you can set up booking rules and rates for your public customers. Those rules can include how far in advance they can book, what tee times throughout the day are available to them vs available only to members.

You can set up your member/customer booking experience to require prepay which means your public play customers would need to pay for their tee times at the time of booking. No need to be at the club just to take their payment.

And, with our integrated door access (available later in 2023), you can give your public play customers one-time access to get them in the building for—and only for—their booked tee time.

The Summer Freeze

One of the biggest risks of the summer months is that your members will leave and never come back. While you can’t completely prevent that from happening, you can make it less likely by offering a membership that automatically freezes for the summer, and un-freezes again in the fall.

As good an idea as this is, the last thing you want to worry about is remembering to manually freeze your members in April and then remember again to un-freeze them come October. Good thing Registry (with a little bit of help from Square) can handle this for you. What if you could offer a 12-month membership with auto-freeze so that May-Sept didn’t count toward those months? Might just keep your members coming back every fall.

The Frozen Discount

No, we’re not talking about giving discount to members who are willing to sing “Let It Go” (although maybe there’s something to that). Rather, we’re suggesting that you could offer a discounted public rate to your members that have frozen their memberships for the summer. Really, this is a combination of ideas one and two. And just like with the first two, Registry makes this incredibly simple. Set up the rules, the rates and the schedule, and Registry will automatically move your members from their existing membership plan to your “frozen members” group and the discounts you create will be applied to any tee times they book. It’ll be so easy you’ll have plenty of time left over to build all the snowmen you want.

The Summer Thaw

If The Summer Freeze feels a little drastic for you, The Summer Thaw might be just your thing. Instead of completely freezing your members during the warm months, you could just offer a discounted membership rate. When the weather is cold and the tee sheet is full for days, your members can pay the full membership rate, but then as the days get longer, they will automatically be switched to the lower summer rate at the time and rate you’ve set up.

Follow The Tour

Our last idea has nothing to do with what you can set up in Registry. Instead, it’s a freebee that we think would be really fun. One of the beauties of indoor golf is that you get to play courses from all over the country, and all over the world. So during the summer, why not create a little community excitement by structuring a league where the tournament for the week gets played on the same course that the PGA Tour pros are playing that week. When we were a bit younger, we all pretended that 10 foot putt at the local muni was to win the US Open. We could hear the crowd cheering as we buried the putt. Recreate that magic for all your loyal summer members (and even public play customers) by following the tour each week.

Obviously, this is nowhere near an exhaustive list. But, hopefully it’s enough to get the wheels spinning a little bit. If you have other ideas you think we should highlight, be sure to reach out and let us know. And as always, if you have an idea for a feature you think we should build, we’re all ears. Reach out at

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