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About our company

We're golfers. We grew up in the game. We eat it, we drink it, we even sleep it. On top of that, we're software nerds. We've spent all of our careers building software to make people's lives easier.

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our story

The story behind how our company started

We've worked in the golf industry for a while now. And during our time in the industry, we noticed something odd. Everyone was ignoring indoor golf. All of the outdoor tee sheet providers (including the ones we worked for) would say they support indoor golf, would even be willing to sell their services to indoor golf. But nobody was actually building things that indoor golf clubs need

So we decided to start building things just for our amazing indoor golf friends.

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The values that drive our company

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Do Good

We borrowed this from our friends at Cotopaxi. We're guided by a desire to leave our little corner of the world better than we found it.

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Be Human

We aren't customers or clients, employees or bosses. We are all humans. That means every interaction we have with anyone, anywhere, should be just that—human.

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Work Hard

Everything we've ever, or will ever, accomplish has been because we were willing to work for it.

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Play Golf

This one may seem trite, but we love this game. We eat it, drink it and sleep it. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, we want to do our part to grow the game we love.

Stop using software made for someone else.